Causa Perdita

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1 Part C

Season 3 (end of): I reflected on my time with the Giants instead of inventing spells this Summer Season. I felt it was wise. That remains an unresolved situation.

A brief interlude between Summer and Autumn this year. The Covenant hired a Steward, a mundane who will look after the books. I will check in on him from time to time.

Also of note was the arrival of a young Redcap. Belasko was forthcoming in offering him sanctuary here with us but I admit that he can be useful. I will send a letter to my Master when he departs on his usual duties.

The Magi finally voted on the name for our Covenant. Causa Novum wasn’t universally liked however we agreed on The Library by the Lake or Et Bibliotheca Lacum, with the motto Cognitio reddit ipsum: Knowledge gives us our purpose, or Per scientiam ad: Through Knowledge, purpose.

It is time for me to do a Covenant Action. I will plunder the dusty tomes of the Library and decipher the scrawl of the previous magi. There are some books that need translating. Back to the Lab for the Autumn season.


jurica_bogunovic Moldavus_Tfaan

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