Matteus filius Faber di Verditius was born and raised in the covenant of Verdi in Sardinia. From the young age he had shown brightness, stamina and affinity for the metalwork so it was no surprise that magus Faber Ferrarius took him as an apprentice.

Faber brought Matteus into the religion of Hephaestus – an offshoot of Cult of Vulcan that wants to get back to the original, Greek, roots of the legend of Hephaestus. This initiation was harrowing for the young Matteus, and left him lame and highly susceptible to the Divine aura; but it also granted him affinity with Terram and deep connection with metals, especially iron.

Just before his Gauntlet, he fell for a pretty face of a young maga who was in fact involved in a Vendetta against Faber. She used Matteus to gather the information that she then used to foil a large-scale project that Faber was planning. This left Faber understandably angry with Matteus, and he claimed a favour from him, to be collected when convenient (to Faber, not Matteus)


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