'Emile' (Emily 'Le Bâtard' Madeline Lien)

Cross-dressing Companion (Emily)


Slender build, dark brown hair with bright violet eyes. Other Elle personnes features are hidden under her armour. Her mood is sombre and temperate, she dresses and acts as a man.


Emily was born during the Year of Our Lord 1190 in a village near Angers. Her Father Henry Lien took up the Cross to follow his King Richard Coeur de Lion in the Third Crusade. Henry ‘rested’ briefly in Anjou where Emily was conceived. Emily’s Mother was unknown to this biographer but due to Emily’s fair complexion and violet eyes was thought to be one of the ‘Elle personnes’ (Sidhe).

Henry fell near Vienna in the Christmas of 1192 and a few years later his armor and long sword was given to Emily by a Squire Grog. Emily’s life was largely uneventful until the latter years of the Angevin-Flanders War, but she was regarded as being a strange and sombre child and had few friends.

Philip II Capetian’s victories over John Lackland and his allies meant that anyone strange and sombre of Angevin descent was discriminated against. It did not help that, like Joan of Arc, Emily professed to have ‘Visions from God’. Condemned by her peers as a Witch, Emily donned her Father’s armor and weapons and escaped to the south.

Emily’s native language is Langues d’oïl (Angevin French) but was later to learn conversational Basque through her travels.

'Emile' (Emily 'Le Bâtard' Madeline Lien)

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