Causa Perdita

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1 Part C

Season 3 (end of): I reflected on my time with the Giants instead of inventing spells this Summer Season. I felt it was wise. That remains an unresolved situation.

A brief interlude between Summer and Autumn this year. The Covenant hired a Steward, a mundane who will look after the books. I will check in on him from time to time.

Also of note was the arrival of a young Redcap. Belasko was forthcoming in offering him sanctuary here with us but I admit that he can be useful. I will send a letter to my Master when he departs on his usual duties.

The Magi finally voted on the name for our Covenant. Causa Novum wasn’t universally liked however we agreed on The Library by the Lake or Et Bibliotheca Lacum, with the motto Cognitio reddit ipsum: Knowledge gives us our purpose, or Per scientiam ad: Through Knowledge, purpose.

It is time for me to do a Covenant Action. I will plunder the dusty tomes of the Library and decipher the scrawl of the previous magi. There are some books that need translating. Back to the Lab for the Autumn season.

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1 Part B

Season 2 (End of): Due to my time in the Lab, I missed the council meeting between Season 2 and Season 3, Year One. I emerged to find that the roles within the Covenant had changed again. It seems there is now a dedicated aggressive and the Covenant leadership role had been watered down and some power handed off to the Chief Grog, Stefano. I dislike the decentralisation of power. I was not surprised to see Darius in the aggressive role. It seems a position well suited to him although I have yet to see an adequate demonstration of any actual talent on his part. Bellasco has taken the nominal leadership role which admittedly does not sit unusually on the shoulders of a Guernicus. Perhaps he and I could adopt some leadership sharing arrangement – with one Magi’s head in the clouds, one’s nose on the ground, a blacksmith and a blunt instrument; there are not any other suitable candidates in my opinion. I will have to wait until the end of Season 3 to get things back on track.

Of note during the Season break was an attempt of several Magi to track down a Giant menace plaguing the sheep of the nearby village of Arien. It seems they tracked down some Giants higher in the mountains who had been stealing sheep. Instead of confronting the Giants, or dealing with them, they withdrew but not before Kalu could sneak into the Giant camp and pilfer their sack of sheep carcasses uncovering a further rod like the one we had already found in the library, a egg shaped stone, and several smaller oddly shaped objects. The, egg stone contains Creo Vis. The rods’ purpose is yet to be ascertained, although we do know they HAVE a purpose, fitting into the depressions in each lab, and being numbered. We have Number 1 and Number 7 begging the question, where are the other 5?

Given that the other Magi failed to remove the Giant issue, and we have started hearing noises like a bunch of angry Giants have lost something, once they returned, I offered to head out and confront these pests, hopefully either driving them off or encouraging them to leave. Through Conflict, Growth.

Taking Bellasco, whose skills as a Quasitor seemed useful, Emile, Grimwoald and Patis, three Grogs, and some Covenfolk, to coax this damn donkey I have to ride, I set out. Bellasco suggested using Wizard’s Sidestep as an added protection when facing Giants. I took this as prudent advice and Spont’d it, not knowing the spell. Damn, magic is painful. So delightful and yet so painful. Like a lolly covered in crap, like being hot and cold at the same time. I am not yet wearied though. I have learned I can cast one spell at least before being wearied.

The pony is a bit skittish being around me. The Covenfolk are confused given my image is sitting 3 feet behind the donkey, 3 feet in the air in a riding position.

Emile, having been to the Giant’s on the last mission leads us to them again. When it becomes clear that the rumbling of Giants is not from where they met them previously, we send Emile ahead to scout while we follow slowly. Although I doubt Emile’s tracking skills, she finds them, and Patis is able to skillfully follow her. Emile returns to advise that there are two Giants and they are currently brawling. Their sack is some ways beyond them and is moving, with cries of help. Our mission becomes twofold then, to rescue the unknown captive and encourage these Giants to leave. Our discussions are interesting, as Emile speaks Basque and French, I speak French and Latin, and Bellasco speaks Latin and Basque but we manage. It appears that these Giants speak French so I will need to translate for Bellasco.

Bellasco and I discuss what negotiating tactic to take, although Grimwoald has the audacity to speak up disrupting our conversation. Grog insubordination is a disease I will never tolerate. A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy. We cannot have grog attitude here. Eventually Bellasco and I decide to attempt to solve their problem, and failing that bribe them to leave. We still have enough sheep to buy them off without destroying the flock.

We move in. The Giants are fighting each other. The sack is creeping towards the tree-line. A quick decision is made to send Emile, Patis and Grimwoald around behind the Giants to open the sack while I distract them from the other side. I announce my presence loudly. No effect. I announce my presence even more loudly and the Giants notice. They stop, brush themselves off and approach slightly, facing us and away from the sack. The Grogs start around the tree-line. I talk to the Giants, asking about their issues. They have lost some objects (obviously I know this as my fellow Magi ‘retrieved’ them). A back-scratcher (the Rod). They don’t mention the egg stone. I offer them my staff, and a Giant approaches, I remember at the last minute to toss the staff away from me to disguise the Wizard’s Sidestep. The Giant easily breaks my staff and is not placated.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to help them as they blame each other for stealing the items. I fall to Plan B and inquire as to where they came from and if they would return in exchange for supplies. They are migratory it seems, wintering in Iberia and summering this side of the Pyrenees. They are wearing fine Moorish robes and seem quite pleased with them. When I compliment them, they seem quite pleased. In exchange for lots of sheep, and even more wine, I convince them to leave and return to Iberia for opportunities of more clothes.During the conversation, our Grogs free the prisoner who turns out to be a woman herbalist. We send the Giants off with sheep and water that we easily turned to wine.

I think we can surely expect to see the Giants again next Summer when they forget and migrate here again. We must devise a better strategy by then. On leaving the Giants discuss the ‘back-scratcher’ and mention a name. Perhaps this person can lead us to the other rods if we follow it up.

I would like to note that I approved of Emile and Patis’s performance on this venture, but not Grimwoald’s. Performance will be rewarded. Insubordination will be punished.

I head back to the lab for Season 3. I must learn some more spells such as Aegis of the Hearth. That will surely help.

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1

Season 2: I remained in my lab this season. On Midsummer’s Eve, I saw a vision of cracks emanting from the Library. Cracks in time. This must have something to do with what happened here. I spent some time pondering this vision. There was quite a fuss made outside but I did not investigate. I think I will investigate once this season is over.

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1

Season 1:

The first season at Causa Novum has passed. The Magi spent the time renovating their laboratories and I am relieved to say that mine at least finally passes muster as a basic laboratory. We have attracted a number of new covenant members through the recruiting efforts of Stephan and some of the promised Covenfolk have arrived to work. I feel as though they could be worked a little harder, this is not a social venture!

Three things of note happened this first season that I will mention here

Firstly, whether to our presence or to a natural cycle, it was noted that the lake (our source of Vis) began to reflect the stars in the daytime, but only with no wind. As the Solstice approached, this happened more rapidly until the very day, where it was constant. I investigated with a couple other Magi, and was able to determine that the lake was Imaginum Vis instead of Aquam Vis when the stars showed. It is unfortunate that my magic pains me as I am so proficient. Given my talents I was able to quickly realise we could capture it with a shiny object. We obtained a shield and had it shined by magic. Looking at the lake in the shield reflection, suddenly the shield now contained Imaginum Vis. My talent knows no bounds.

Secondly, we found something that fit the carved rod we found in the library. There was no apparent affect but who knows what this was for.

Secondly, while we didn’t see much of Bullasco, the others decided to start work on the Covenant charter and roles within Causa Novum. My suggestion of Casua Novum received a lukewarm reception. However, I will continue to refer to the Covanent as this regardless. Disappointingly, they decided on the pedestrian method of voting fairly for the roles; I’ve never seen the virtues of this method when there are clearly superior people to make decisions but I didn’t feel it was time to make this clear. The Bonisagus Mathias made a leap for the title of Holder of the Vis, it made abundantly clear his desire to hold the Vis supply over our heads and monopolise it for his own devices, and while he tacitly garnered my support for this appointment, his was sadly lacking when the vote for first Leader of the Covenant was passed. They voted the Flambeau Darius in! Him with the face of Nightmares. Good luck getting anything but fearful mindless obedience from our Covenfolk or any visitors. I expect his hand to be quite forceful so I think I will sit the next season out in my lab until they learn the errors of their ways, it needs more work anyway.

If they do not know my worth, then they will have to learn. Through Conflict, Growth. Always.

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1


I hate riding and it never seems to get any easier. This blasted leg. I am also the best rider I can be. The trip to Arien has been steep and difficult. Upon talking to the village elder, I hear that the other magi I will be forming this covenant with have already passed through here a day ago.

I set out the following morning. The road seems overgrown and old. This does not seem consistent with the fallen covenant being only at least 7 years old. The village elder too remarked he was at the covenant when he was a child and he has but a few hairs left! Clearly that seems impossible. What is also clear though is that something strange has happened here. I approach the ruined covenant slowly. The remains of what was a fortification lies in the overgrown grass. The reason of stone houses in Arien emerges. The peasants reach above themselves if they think they can loot a Magi covenant of stone in just a few short years.

I pull up in front of the most put together building, although I can see a tower a little further on. Several others step from the building and I can tell they are Magi. Some are easy to place, the Criamon as well as the Quaesitor and the Bjornaenr. Another hulks like a blacksmith although I can see his leg is also twisted. Another is robed and for good reason as his face is the stuff of nightmares. I greet them and they respond well enough. I wonder if they know their superior has arrived?

They take me on a tour of the building they have just come from and it is obviously magical. There are 8 doors, one of which is the library; a reasons a covenant has been resown. There are other doors but we lack the means to open them. Three hold the symbol of a magi sanctum.

After exploring the library, we head to the tower, quickly covering it’s 4 floors up and down. There are a group of reasonably adept grogs here which is pleasing. They have begun to clear the servants quarters which we will unfortunately have to use for sleeping until more can be done. The tower contains 6 labs, 3 prefaced by a crossed out sanctum symbol. It’s possible the previous 3 magi lived here and then moved. The horribly disfigured one, a Flambeau it turns out, had a vision while we were in the tower concerning the Library and time manipulation. It sounded like something DID happen here involving time, but that remains to be seen.

Assessing our situation, we decide to ascertain the source of Vis the previous Magi used. I, the Quaesitor and the Blacksmith cast spells to sense Vis and discover a well. The well contains a Pawn of Aquam Vis, and it appears the close-by lake is the main source. This is good. We fill the well with lake water to see if it will distill the Vis by itself but my feeling is it will need more that just time. We will also need a source of funds if we are to succeed here. I cast my Parma Magica and rest for tomorrow.

Meeting in March
Who, where, why, when and how

At the tribunal meeting in Doissetep in Autumn of 1219, Redcap Olivius came forth and reported on the strange occurrence at the covenant of Causa Nobilis.

Causa Nobilis was a small covenant in the Pyrinees, established in 1113. The professed purpose was to establish a magical library that would be available to members of Provancal Tribunal, and thus lessen the reliance on Durenmar.

The covenant was slowly working on the magical book collection, and hardly ever appeared to be involved in the politics of the tribunal.

As the time passed, they were less and less in touch with the rest of the tribunal.
Last known contact with them was for the previous tribunal in 1212 – Olivius informed them of the tribunal, but they sent no representative.

When Olivius arrived to deliver the message, he found a covenant that had not a living soul within. There were remains of food on the tables in servants quarters, and everything seemed undisturbed, but no trace of life was there to be seen. He tried to enter the library at that time, but couldn’t get in.

He reported this to his superiors, and was sent to the tribunal to give an eyewitness account.

The tribunal, intrigued by the description of the library and remembering the original purpose of the covenant, decided to send a group of young, fresh-out-of-Gauntlet magi to resettle the covenant. The general opinion of tribunal that the investment of 25 pawns of vis and 25 pounds of silver may in the long term be repaid generously by the books that might be found there, and well as any other magics.

The magi were selected – some volunteered, some were volunteered by others, and some followed suggestions of their elders.

On 1st of March of 1220 they met in the small town of Saint-Girons to travel to Causa Nobilis.
They were accompanied by a group of 6 grogs, assembled from various covenants. Grogs were led by Stephan, previously a turb grog from Doissetep.

It took magi one day to make their way to Castillon-en-Couserain, and from there another day to Arrien-en-Bethmale (while the distance was less, it was much steeper and rougher path).

Arrien-en-Bethmale had proved to be a very rural place- shepherd village peopled by Basques, strange in that it had houses built of dressed stone. The magi were welcomed by the village elder, Berezi – he was strangely in awe of the magi, and welcomed them with open arms.

Surprisingly, he claimed to have been living at the covenant when he was but a child (from his age, possibly 40 or 50 years ago), and that the covenant met with a disaster while he was away. In his own words: “They were all gone…”

After magi spent a night in the village, Berezi appointed a youngster to escort the magi to the covenant.
The road , what little of it there was, was overgrown. It really looked as if it was 50 years since there was any traffic passing through there.

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