Causa Perdita

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1

Season 1:

The first season at Causa Novum has passed. The Magi spent the time renovating their laboratories and I am relieved to say that mine at least finally passes muster as a basic laboratory. We have attracted a number of new covenant members through the recruiting efforts of Stephan and some of the promised Covenfolk have arrived to work. I feel as though they could be worked a little harder, this is not a social venture!

Three things of note happened this first season that I will mention here

Firstly, whether to our presence or to a natural cycle, it was noted that the lake (our source of Vis) began to reflect the stars in the daytime, but only with no wind. As the Solstice approached, this happened more rapidly until the very day, where it was constant. I investigated with a couple other Magi, and was able to determine that the lake was Imaginum Vis instead of Aquam Vis when the stars showed. It is unfortunate that my magic pains me as I am so proficient. Given my talents I was able to quickly realise we could capture it with a shiny object. We obtained a shield and had it shined by magic. Looking at the lake in the shield reflection, suddenly the shield now contained Imaginum Vis. My talent knows no bounds.

Secondly, we found something that fit the carved rod we found in the library. There was no apparent affect but who knows what this was for.

Secondly, while we didn’t see much of Bullasco, the others decided to start work on the Covenant charter and roles within Causa Novum. My suggestion of Casua Novum received a lukewarm reception. However, I will continue to refer to the Covanent as this regardless. Disappointingly, they decided on the pedestrian method of voting fairly for the roles; I’ve never seen the virtues of this method when there are clearly superior people to make decisions but I didn’t feel it was time to make this clear. The Bonisagus Mathias made a leap for the title of Holder of the Vis, it made abundantly clear his desire to hold the Vis supply over our heads and monopolise it for his own devices, and while he tacitly garnered my support for this appointment, his was sadly lacking when the vote for first Leader of the Covenant was passed. They voted the Flambeau Darius in! Him with the face of Nightmares. Good luck getting anything but fearful mindless obedience from our Covenfolk or any visitors. I expect his hand to be quite forceful so I think I will sit the next season out in my lab until they learn the errors of their ways, it needs more work anyway.

If they do not know my worth, then they will have to learn. Through Conflict, Growth. Always.


jurica_bogunovic Moldavus_Tfaan

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