Causa Perdita

The Legend of Moldavus Tfaan: Early Days Vol 1


I hate riding and it never seems to get any easier. This blasted leg. I am also the best rider I can be. The trip to Arien has been steep and difficult. Upon talking to the village elder, I hear that the other magi I will be forming this covenant with have already passed through here a day ago.

I set out the following morning. The road seems overgrown and old. This does not seem consistent with the fallen covenant being only at least 7 years old. The village elder too remarked he was at the covenant when he was a child and he has but a few hairs left! Clearly that seems impossible. What is also clear though is that something strange has happened here. I approach the ruined covenant slowly. The remains of what was a fortification lies in the overgrown grass. The reason of stone houses in Arien emerges. The peasants reach above themselves if they think they can loot a Magi covenant of stone in just a few short years.

I pull up in front of the most put together building, although I can see a tower a little further on. Several others step from the building and I can tell they are Magi. Some are easy to place, the Criamon as well as the Quaesitor and the Bjornaenr. Another hulks like a blacksmith although I can see his leg is also twisted. Another is robed and for good reason as his face is the stuff of nightmares. I greet them and they respond well enough. I wonder if they know their superior has arrived?

They take me on a tour of the building they have just come from and it is obviously magical. There are 8 doors, one of which is the library; a reasons a covenant has been resown. There are other doors but we lack the means to open them. Three hold the symbol of a magi sanctum.

After exploring the library, we head to the tower, quickly covering it’s 4 floors up and down. There are a group of reasonably adept grogs here which is pleasing. They have begun to clear the servants quarters which we will unfortunately have to use for sleeping until more can be done. The tower contains 6 labs, 3 prefaced by a crossed out sanctum symbol. It’s possible the previous 3 magi lived here and then moved. The horribly disfigured one, a Flambeau it turns out, had a vision while we were in the tower concerning the Library and time manipulation. It sounded like something DID happen here involving time, but that remains to be seen.

Assessing our situation, we decide to ascertain the source of Vis the previous Magi used. I, the Quaesitor and the Blacksmith cast spells to sense Vis and discover a well. The well contains a Pawn of Aquam Vis, and it appears the close-by lake is the main source. This is good. We fill the well with lake water to see if it will distill the Vis by itself but my feeling is it will need more that just time. We will also need a source of funds if we are to succeed here. I cast my Parma Magica and rest for tomorrow.


jurica_bogunovic Moldavus_Tfaan

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